I am so into FUR & FLUFF

The winter cold has settled in, so I'm amping the heat with extra bits of fur and fluff



Never used to be, until my dad died and I inherited his collection. Not in his will or anything like that. They were next to his toolshed on his old garden workbench. Looking really sad as he had been too ill to tend to them for a while. And, being a hoarder, well, they came home with me (along with the workbench).

How can one not admire something that started out looking like this...

And ended up as beautiful as this - with almost no TLC from me.

The others all gave birth to babies which I separated and transplanted once they had outgrown their containers.

Where they continue to give me great pleasure. A most rewarding exercise indeed.


I am so into CAMPING IN

Wonderful winter's day, but chilly in the shade and the grass too damp to dally outdoors

Camped it up inside instead

Curled up under my faux fur throw with a cup of green tea and my latest JM Coetzee