I am so into my XMAS WALL & ALL

The last post. 
Camera gave up the ghost, phone fell into the loo. Had to make it before end of 2014, so pics taken with my husband's phone.
2015 can only get better...


I am so into the LAGOON SALOON

An under-utilised corner has been transformed into what is sure to become the most used space down at our riverside retreat
Megan's Lemon with a touch of vodka will lull you into Lalaland
Particularly if you get to this one-and-only pozzie first - comfy cushions supplied of course


I am so into DAYS OF MY LIVES

Wake up to a gentle eastern watercolour sunrise
watch it morph into a full on dramatic oil on canvas within ten minutes
Then it's the reptile repertoire... tortoise laying an egg next to our deck
another devouring the daisies
Cape terrapin heading back to the river after hibernating up under the trees
Then it's styling up a harvest table
refreshment stations
Ending the day with kicktails at the river
and a braai at The White House
Good night, sleep tight...